Yoga is not just a form of exercise but a way of life. It is a holistic experience that unites mind, body and soul. Yoga helps to develop flexibility, coordination and control that eases the stress and strains of modern day life. It employs a broad holistic approach that focuses on teaching people a new lifestyle, way of thinking and a healthy way being in this world.

It has been found that the body, which may have been quite rigid, starts to experience a remarkable flexibility in parts of the body, that have not been consciously worked upon. Seemingly unrelated “non strenuous” yoga positions act upon certain parts of the body in an interrelated manner. When done together, they work in harmony attaining flexibility relatively easily.

According to medical science, yoga therapy is successful because of the balance created in the nervous and endocrine systems which directly influence all the other systems and organs of the body. Yoga acts both as a curative and preventive therapy. The very essence of yoga lies in attaining mental peace and improving concentration - a relaxed state of living.

Subsequently, and interestingly, the therapeutic effect of Yoga is a direct result of involving the mind totally by inspiring (breathing) the body to awaken.